Realising Potential. Inspiring Employment.


StandOut works to transform the lives of people leaving prison. We know that with the right support, people coming out of prison are motivated and have a strong desire to get life on track. They bring determination, commitment and focus and value the opportunity that employment offers. As a result, they can be real assets to a workforce, to their families and their communities.

Stage 1

An intensive course in prison equips trainees with the tools, skills and mindsets needed to apply for work.

Stage 2

Group sessions and one to one coaching before release maintains motivation and builds relationship.

Stage 3

Individual post-release support into employment or training opportunities for as long as is required.

Transforming the lives of people leaving prison.


Statistics tell part of every story. Stories tell the other part. As a young organisation we are gathering a range of impact data and are happy to share those with partners and supporters.


Men have completed the StandOut course in prison


Have continued to work with StandOut after release


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