The StandOut Programme

We believe that with relational support, people leaving prison can unlock their potential and turn their lives around. StandOut recognises that experience of prison, even a short sentence, can have a negative impact on confidence and self-esteem and so we have developed an innovative approach to supporting people that begins in prison and continues to support them after release for as long as is needed.

The StandOut Programme offers a unique opportunity to people preparing for release from prison by equipping them with the tools, skills and mindsets needed to apply for work so they can re-engage with society with confidence.

This course has given me a lot of insight to a lot of things that was missing from my attitude to life. I.e. speaking with a bit more thought of others sensitivity and trying to elevate myself more to the test I am doing as positively as I can.

Standout Trainee

I really enjoyed being part of a team with my peers. It really gave me a sense of self-worth and belonging and helped our future job search.

Standout Trainee

I am happy with my CV as it now glows with my experiences and skills so will be a huge help in future job opportunities.

Standout Trainee

Thank you for your help and keep pushing to get it in other prisons as people need your help and will benefit from what you have to give as the StandOut course is amazing. Even life changing.

Standout Trainee

Things I learnt whilst doing the course will definitely help me with employment and volunteering, but most of all it will help me to make better decisions in the future and express myself more clearly.

Standout Trainee

Stage 1:

StandOut uses a coaching-based approach to deliver 12 days of interactive group work that includes a range of opportunities to bring the outside world into prison. Group work is combined with one-to-one sessions that explore individual needs and ambitions. The course:

  • Delivers practical resources: CV, disclosure statement and mock interviews.

  • Offers networking opportunities for trainees to meet employers.

  • Develops key life skills – teamwork, communications skills, leadership, planning and organisation.

  • Promotes a positive approach to taking responsibility, exploring mindsets and encouraging resilience while developing motivation and self-esteem and challenging entrenched attitudes.

Stage 2:

After the course, coaches continue to offer one-to-one practical and motivational support to encourage goal setting and planning for life outside prison. External speakers are invited to group discussion sessions that build on Stage 1 work and keep motivation high. While trainees are still in prison they act as Ambassadors for the course, encouraging others to think about their options and recruiting trainees for future courses.

Stage 3:

On release, StandOut coaches offer personalised support that may include assisting with job applications, references, introductions to StandOut’s growing list of employer partners and support into work or training and beyond. Coaches remain available to trainees for as long as a trainee wishes.